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Category: Comedy

“What if Dear Abby and Dear Prudence were a giant two headed monster?” We (Violet & Petunia, the ettin) answer questions and give advice on topics such as: “What exactly constitutes a town, and why exactly does that not include basically anything monster owned and operated?” or “What are your thoughts on necromancy as a renewable source of minions?” or “Is that screaming coming from *my* basement?”

February 24, 2017

Episode 6: Finger Guns

Violet and Petunia can do finger guns now that Violet's arm is back to normal! Aren't you pleased?! Also, how is Tragrok handling empty nest syndrome?

February 10, 2017

Episode 5: *Ssspluk!*

That's the sound Violet's new, magically enhanced arm makes now. Don't worry about it. Also, some mysterious news about one of Petunia's cooking buddies.